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Are you ready to go to the next level? Coach Godwin is here to help you. Whether you are a player or coach, Godwin's DVDs will provide you with the insight and instruction you have been looking for. You can buy individual videos or save money and buy is skills training course which includes most of his best work. Coach Godwin's unique approach and custom drills will leave you inspired and ready to hit the court. 

NEW! Ball Hog Ball Handling Drills

Scorer: Become A Threat Anywhere On The Basketball Court

In this DVD Coach Koran Godwin peggy backs off of his book Everyone Hates A Ball Hog But They All Love A Scorer to show you why the game of basketball is 80% Mental and 20% Physical. With over 4 hours of insight and drills this is by far Coach Godwin's best work to date. This 3 disc series will no doubt change the way you see the game and prepare you to score points on a consistent basis.

Mental Excellence DVD Preview

Head to Toe Scoring DVD Preview

Unstoppable DVD Preview

Coach Godwin's
Guard Drills


In this DVD, Coach Koran Godwin teaches guard drills designed to help you become a better ball handler and shooter. Mastering these two aspects of the game will make you a better basketball player reguardless of your position. Get ready to watch an intense workout full of high level drills.

What You Will Learn In This DVD: Warm up Shooting Drills, Advanced Ball Handling Drills, Shooting Off Of The Dribble, Catch and Shoot Drills, Screen & Roll Drills, and Multi-Skill Drills

Coach Godwin's
Ball Handling Drills


In this DVD, Coach Koran Godwin shares some of his personal favorite ball handling drills.  These drills are designed to help you become a better ball handler by focusing on your hand speed, hand eye coordination, and functional dribble moves. If you want to learn what it takes to handle the basketball in any situation, this DVD is for you.

What You Will Learn In This DVD: Two Ball Drills, Dribble Moves, Hand Speed Ball Handling, Multi-Skil Ball Handling, Stationary Ball Handling, Small Group Ball Handling, Handle and Shoot Drills

Coach Godwin's
Shooting Drills


NEW DVD!!! Coach Godwin's Shooting Drills: With his unique multi-skill training philosophy, Coach Koran Godwin presents his favorite shooting drills and techniques.  These drills will put you in game like situations preparing you to read and react to what the defense gives you.  In this DVD series, Coach Koran Godwin displays shooting drills for both small group and one on one training.

What You Will Learn In This DVD: Warm Up Shooting Drills, 3 man plus Shooting Drills, Shooting of of Screen Drills, Catch and Shoot Drills, Multi-Skill Shooting Drills

The Fundamentals Of Scoring
All American


Fundamentals of Scoring: This classic DVD details Coach Godwin's favorite goto moves and the drills that help you perform them.

Coach Godwin's
Buckets Skill Workout


Buckets Skill Workout Vol 1: In Buckets Coach Godwin shows you a variety of drills focused on shooting off of the dribble and catch.  As always Coach Godwin's uses his unique multi-skill philosophy to put together a workout for small groups or team shooting.  Add another classic to the list.

What You Will Learn In This DVD: Small group drills, 3 man + Shooting, Shooting off of screens and the catch, 3 man ball handling drills, Multi-skill group training.

Coach Godwin's
Extra mile Drills Vol 1


In this up close and personal series, Coach Koran Godwin displays a series of drills designed to challenge you mentally and physically. Coach Godwin shows you first hand the drills and methods he uses during his private training sessions. This DVD is for the player who wants to go the Extra Mile.

In This Workout:Drills that challenge your Mental and Physical, Ball Handling drills, Two ball drills, Shooting drills, and Multi-Skill Drills.

Coach Godwin's
Extra mile Drills Vol 2


Coach Godwin shows you first hand what it means to train at a high level. Going the extra mile is more than physical. Watch as Coach Godwin takes you through a tough workout that includes plyometrics, band resistance and multi-skill situations.

In This Workout: Mid-range drills, Footwork shooting, Ball Handling Techniques, Dynamic Two Ball Drills, Catch and Shoot Drills, Single Ball Pull Up Drills, Stationary Shooting Drills, and Multi-Skil Drills.

Coach Godwin's
Handle, Shoot, Score


In this DVD, Coach Koran Godwin becomes your personal skills trainer. Coach Godwin shows you first hand the drills and methods he uses during his private training sessions. Be prepared to take your game to the next level with groud breaking drills and insight.

In This Workout: Mid-Range Drills, Footwork Shooting, Ball Handling Drills, Dynamic Two Ball Drills, Shooting Drills, Stationary Shooting Drills.