Episode 186: Hand Strengthen Exercises for Basketball Players- Ball Hog Gloves Grip

Coach Koran Godwin teaches two hand strenghten exercises that you can do with the Ball Hog Gloves Grip. The Ball Hog Gloves Grip is a great way to strengthen your hands for ball handling, passing, shooting, rebounding and catching. Now you can work on your game whether you are in class, at home or on the go.

Episode 184: 8 Ball Handling Drills to Help you Dribble Like a Point Guard ft Talib Zanna

While training professional forward Talib Zanna, Coach Koran Godwin teaches 8 simple ball handling drills to incorporate into your off season workout. Zanna was a tough post player who was primarily a defender and rebounder. In this video you will see some of the drills Coach Godwin implemented to enhance his ball handling and expand Zanna's overall game.

Why Stronger Hands are Key to Becoming a Better Basketball Player

Coach Koran Godwin talks about how he became a better shooter and ball handler by strengthening his hands. Stronger hands help enhance your shooting range, ball handling, passing, catching and rebounding. Using the Ball Hog Gloves Grips are a great way to develop stronger fingers, hands and forearms off of the court.