Coach Chris Chavannes Interview | What Made Kyrie Irving, Michael Kidd-Gilcrestso Great!

Coach Koran Godwin interviews one of his coaching mentors, Head Coach of The Patrick School Chris Chavannes. Coach Chavannes was Coach Godwin's skill trainer and AAU coach in the late 90's. It was his willingness to pay it forward that sparked this incredible basketball training movement and the path that Coach Godwin is on today.

Beau Beech (Brooklyn Nets) NBA Workout - Preparation & Opportunity

Coach Koran Godwin returns to his alma mater the University of North Florida to train 6'9" Brooklyn Nets forward Beau Beech. Beau entered North Florida as a 6'6" SG then hit the genetic lottery growing to 6'9" by his senior year. This size allowed him to transition to the NBA's most highly coveted position, the stretch 4.